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comm long paper outline - November 4 2009 Jamie Connell...

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November 4, 2009 Jamie Connell Professor Crymble/Karen Hinkle Communications 101: The Mass Media InStyle Magazine I. Introduction -InStyle is a prominent fashion magazine -articles geared toward high fashion -plethora of ads -emphasis on celebrity status -Thesis: As one of the most prominent fashion magazines, InStyle has a powerful influ- ence over women as consumers and their perception of the status quo, and the magazine uses its content and emphasis on celebrity status to project an unattainable, unhealthy ideal of the perfect woman based on appearance and the possession of a high end wardrobe, while neglect- ing to acknowledge inner beauty and rejecting the celebration of different ages, genders, and socioeconomic classes. II. Discussion of InStyle -discuss content -percentage of ads -ads are for luxury, high end -how many articles are celebrity based
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-no content outside fashion/beauty -cover stories - all about beauty/fashion/Drew Barrymore - discuss target audience III. Concept 1: unrealistic representation of the status quo -forces women to strive towards an unattainable image that is not the status quo in reality -InStyle does this by -putting on emphasis on high end luxury goods -VERY expensive designer clothes and products
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comm long paper outline - November 4 2009 Jamie Connell...

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