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comm long paper proposal - November 2, 2009 Jamie Connell...

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November 2, 2009 Jamie Connell Professor Crymble/Karen Henkle Communications 101: The Mass Media Long Paper Proposal For my paper, I will evaluate the October 2009 issue of InStyle magazine in order to discover the way fashion magazines impact women as consumers and their perception of their place in society. With a huge emphasis on high fashion and luxury items, InStyle promotes the idea that expensive clothes are necessary in order to be a respected woman in society. In addition, the magazine has a huge amount of celebrity content, ranging from how to copy celebrity style to a column written by Rachel Bilson, a starlet who is highly praised for her style. On top of this, the magazine is flush with advertisements for high end products, promoting the idea that such items are necessary even further than it already does in the articles. The combination of high fashion articles, celebrity status, and an overload of advertising results in the promotion of an unrealistic image that most women cannot achieve and should not feel the need to strive towards to feel relevant and a part of the status quo. As
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comm long paper proposal - November 2, 2009 Jamie Connell...

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