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comm newspaper paper - Connell 1 Failure of The Detroit...

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Connell 1 Failure of The Detroit News to Facilitate Democracy As a major news outlet, newspapers have a responsibility to the citizens of the United States to assist the functioning of democracy by providing relevant information. In order to fully complete this fuction, newspapers need to keep citizens informed about pertinent issues to ensure that they will be able to make proper decisions, whether it is simply taking a side of an issue or actively participating in democracy by voting, campainging, or joining interest groups. (Camp- bell, 2008, p. 461) Newspapers should be unbiased and non-affiliated with political parties. In addition, they should be reporting both good and bad stories about the government without cen- sorship to allow for a fully informed citizenry. (Crymble, Lecture, 9/15/09) A combination of all of these factors would create a news outlet fueling a functional democracy; however, newspapers are not always up to these standards. The issue of The Detroit News from Friday, September 25th, 2009, is not meeting the requirements it should be to maintain democracy in the United States; its layout and content are innappropriate for the job it should be doing. Before even delving into the articles of the newspaper, there is evidence that The Detriot News does not include the content necessary to inform the members of the democracy. The front section is the largest and contains the majority of the articles. Other than that section, there is a sports section, an “on screen” section, a homestyle section, and an ad section. The sports section contains about six pages of recent sports news, from local to national teams; however, the strange part is the one and a half page business section that is located after the sports news. The second page of the business section is shared with advertisements and the beginning of the com- ics. For the citizens of a democracy to be fully informed, it is more important to understand the current state of business than the scores of the latest sporting events; however, The Detroit News
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Connell 2 has prioritized and devoted more space to sports because this is most likely what is going to in- crease readership for the paper. There is even an entire section called “on screen” which is filled with reviews of movies, and a randomly placed advice and classified section at the end. Finally,
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comm newspaper paper - Connell 1 Failure of The Detroit...

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