comm propaganda and persuasion

comm propaganda and persuasion - PR and Propaganda...

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PR and Propaganda Difference between propaganda and persuasion—propaganda a category of persuasion Persuasion —a communicative process designed to influence others, to evoke a specific change in attitudes or behaviors of an audience. A persuasive message has a point of view—hopes the recipient will adopt certain desired view or behavior in a voluntary action; Process of persuasion more interactive than propaganda —and since both the persuader and the persuadee have their needs fulfilled, persuasion regarded as more mutually satisfying than propaganda a reciprocal process in which both parties dependent on one another *when persuasion works - it makes you change your mine and think about things in a fresh way; persuader is transparent/upfront about beliefs and attitudes -- honesty element Public Relations—“the attempt , by information, persuasion, and adjustment, to engineer public support for an activity, cause, movement, or institution”-- Edward Bernays Public Relations—management of information by individuals or organizations for the purpose of creating good will—involves: Shaping image of individual or organization Repairing the image of an individual or organization Establishing two-way communication between consumers and companies **More than 80% of major US companies have PR departments **over 2200 PR firms in the US What do PR firms do? Try to generate good publicity for their clients Produce ads, press releases, video press releases for use by the news media and others Get involved in public affairs to generate good image, like donating to charities, schools
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comm propaganda and persuasion - PR and Propaganda...

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