DSP - spectral estimation. [Ch. 4,5,7,8] ] Part IV: Linear...

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Digital Signal Processing and Control COURSE SYLLABUS Part I: Introduction to Discrete-Time Signals and Systems Introduction to DSP, linear systems, sampling theorem, aliasing, quantization, signal generation. [Ch. 1- 2,6] Part II: Discrete-Time Signal and System Representation z-transform, inverse z-transform. [Ch. 3] Part III: Discrete-Time Fourier Transform Fourier transforms, discrete-time Fourier transforms, DFT, data windows, FFT ordering, introduction to
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Unformatted text preview: spectral estimation. [Ch. 4,5,7,8] ] Part IV: Linear Systems Convolution, system models, gain formulas, state-variable methods. [Ch. 5] Part V: Introduction to Digital Filters Introduction to FIRs and IIRs. [Ch. 9,10] Part VII: Multirate Systems Introduction to multi-rate systems. [Ch.11]...
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