Syllabus - PSYC 433: Spring 2011 BASIC HELPING SKILLS:...

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PSYC 433: Spring 2011 BASIC HELPING SKILLS: RESEARCH AND PRACTICE Lecture/ discussion: Thursday 12-2, Bio/Psyc 1228 Labs: Tuesday12-2, Bio/Psyc 1228,1103, or Cole Student Activity building 0100 Instructor: Jingqing Liu, MA Graduate TA: Margo Gregor Office: 2147F Bio/Psyc Building Office: 2140E Bio/Psyc Building Office hours: Wednesday 11:30-12:30 or by appointment Office hours: TBD Email: Email: Graduate Lab leader: Harold Chui P REREQUISITE s : Students will need the information taught in the prerequisite courses as background for this course. The prerequisite courses are: PSYC200; and {PSYC235 or PSYC334 or PSYC353 or PSYC432 or PSYC434 or PSYC435 or PSYC436}; and 85 credits. Hence, any student who does not have the prerequisites should drop or will be dropped from this course. You must present a transcript (unofficial is acceptable) to the Teaching Assistant by the second class (9/1) to show that they have met the prerequisites. Please put your university ID number on your transcript and highlight those prerequisites before turning in your transcript. Your UID number can be found on your university student ID card and in Testudo. Your UID number is NOT the same as your Social Security Number. C OURSE O BJECTIVES : 1. To gain knowledge about helping skills 2. To practice using helping skills 3. To examine major theoretical approaches to helping skills 4. To learn to evaluate research on helping skills 5. To design research on helping skills 6. To gain knowledge about special topics in counseling NOTE: Completion of this course will not qualify students to practice as counselors or therapists without additional training and supervision. R EQUIRED M ATERIALS Textbook : Hill, C. E. (2009). Helping skills: Facilitating exploration, insight, and action . Washington DC: American Psychological Association. ISBN: 9781433804519 It is the 3 rd edition s: Students enrolled in this course must have access to an audiotape recorder that allows for adequate sound quality, and must bring the recorder and high quality blank audiotapes to class for the two individual sessions. Digital recorder is acceptable. We do not have extra tape recorders or tapes so do not assume that if you forget yours that there will be extras for you. Failure to bring these materials to each of the two individual sessions will result in having to reschedule the session and a lowered grade for the class assignment. APA ethical code can be found online at MC Guidelines can be found online at LBT Guidelines can be found online at Other Required Reading will be posted on Blackboard at least one week prior to the class in which they will be discussed. Recommended book:
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Syllabus - PSYC 433: Spring 2011 BASIC HELPING SKILLS:...

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