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Name:____________________ Student Number:____________ Fall 2009 School of Administrative Studies, York University ADMS 2510-Introduction to Management Accounting Final Exam: Part One December 20, 2009 7 to 8:10PM Instructions 1. This is a closed book examination and no collaboration is allowed. 2. Only NON-PROGRAMMABLE calculators are allowed 3. Write your name and student number in the designated area at the top of each page, and indicate your section letter on the cover page. 4. Place photo identification on your desk at the beginning of the exam to facilitate verification. 5. You must sign in. 6. Formula sheets and dictionaries are not allowed. 7. Cell phones must be turned off. Indicate Section:____________ A: Tuesday 4-7pm S. Ding VH D B: Wednesday 7-10pm J. Nemi CLH K C: Thursday 7-10pm S. Ding CLH B D: Monday 7-10pm S. Ding VH D E: Wednesday 4-7pm J. Nemi CLH H F: Internet P. Gelinas G: Friday 11:30-2:30pm B. Bryant HNE 038 Deferred Sign-in Number: ______________ Question 1 (20 marks): ________ Question 2 (20 marks): ________ Total: /40 1
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Name:____________________ Student Number:____________ QUESTION 1 (20 marks) In an attempt to conceal a theft of funds, Snake N. Grass, controller of Bucolic Products, placed a bomb in the company's record vault. The ensuing explosion left only fragments of the company's factory ledger, as shown below: Raw Materials Manufacturing Overhead Control Bal. 6/1 8,000 79,000 Work in Process Accounts Payable Bal. 6/1 7,200 Bal. 6/30 16,000 Finished Goods Cost of Goods Sold Bal. 6/30 21,000 To bring Mr. Grass to justice, the company must reconstruct its activities for June. You have been assigned to perform the task of reconstruction. After interviewing selected employees and sifting through charred fragments, you have determined the following additional information: a. According to the company's treasurer, the accounts payable are for purchases of raw materials only. The company's balance sheet, dated May 31, shows that Accounts Payable had a $20,000 balance at the beginning of June. The company's bank has provided photocopies of all cheques that cleared the bank during June. These photocopies show that payments to suppliers during June totalled $119,000.
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ADMS_Fall_2009_Final_Part_One_Q_and_S - Name:_ Student...

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