APADMS_2510_Winter_2006_Examination - 1 seafood and salads...

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seafood and salads are complemented by a wide assortment of alcoholic and other beverages The chain is only five years old, but already there are 74 outlets. The owners had planned to expand the number of outlets to 100 in Ontario over the next two years and then expand across Canada and into the U.S. However, recent performance has been disappointing. Background. The Torra family arrived in Toronto from Italy in 1955. Tony and Enza established an Italian restaurant immediately upon arrival in Canada. That restaurant provided Tony, Enza and their two children with a very good livelihood, and both boys - Joe and Donnie – went to university. Joe became a high school mathematics teacher, while Donnie became a dietician and joined the family restaurant. As the original restaurant was not large enough for Joe and Enza, plus Donnie with his growing family, Donnie persuaded the other members of the family that expansion was necessary. It took three years to convert the original restaurant into an
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APADMS_2510_Winter_2006_Examination - 1 seafood and salads...

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