Coffee maker Supreme narrative

Coffee maker Supreme narrative - Coffee Maker Supreme...

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Coffee Maker Supreme Coffee Maker Supreme (CMS) has been in the business of manufacturing coffee makers for three generations. During the first and second generations the growth in demand was modestly positive, and customers seemed to have been more content with product range and quality. During the time of the present generation of owners, the demand for coffee machines grew at a much higher rate. That demand does not appear to be declining in the foreseeable future. Moreover, customers have become increasingly demanding for specialized and high- quality coffee makers. Background CMS is a privately owned manufacturer and distributor of machines to make coffee. Sales are more than $200 million per year. Customers — from all parts of world — are restaurants, cafes, and cafeterias. Sales are made by commissioned sales representatives supported by a Web site to process orders and to provide after-sales service. CMS started in the Canadian market, but expanded into the United States a decade before the free-trade agreement. Nicole Roberto joined the business after completing her CMA. Two years earlier, she had completed her undergraduate degree in business. She encouraged her father to purchase coffee machine manufacturers in France and Italy in order to expand into the European market. She then spent a decade in Europe developing the business. Her heritage language — Italian — and her French immersion studies from grades 1 to 12 assisted her in successfully developing
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Coffee maker Supreme narrative - Coffee Maker Supreme...

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