Law - U ni v er si t y C JS/220 of Phoenix L aw as a Living...

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Law as a Living Body C J S / 2 2 0 1 1 / 2 8 / 2 0 1 0 Owen Thomas
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L a w a s a L i v i n g B o d y | 2 When you look at laws and look at them as they were meant to be and that was to help protect the people and allow people to feel safe. There are two types of laws; law on books and laws in action. Law in action refers to the laws and how they are interpreted and how they are implemented. Law on the books is the actual written statutes that are written in books. These are laws that are official rules and procedures. These laws govern the process of what should take place during legal process. When you look at the laws they have the ability to change as well as the ruling on the laws can vary depending on other case. Throughout the years, many laws have been re-written in order to fit in with society or that current era in time. When a law is broken the court decides the best course of action to take. Five people may commit the very same crime yet the judge may not punish each person the same as another. Objectivity of law is when a person tries being objective, looking at the laws and trying to make decisions that are right. Not everyone can be punished the same just because they committed the same crime. Three people may have committed murder, one may have done it in cold blood for no other reason than because they did not like the person, another may have murdered someone because of a mental illness and in all actuality would not have done it if it had not been for that disability, the last person may have committed murder out of self defense. Judges, prosecutors or any other law official would have to look at each case objectively and
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Law - U ni v er si t y C JS/220 of Phoenix L aw as a Living...

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