Comparing and contrasting prosecuting and defense attorneys

Comparing and contrasting prosecuting and defense attorneys...

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Week 3 Checkpoint In many ways, when it comes to comparing defense counsel to prosecution there are several similarities. The roles are very different, but they are both considered to defending individuals. The prosecution role is to protect the people, the victims by putting their cases together with the mind frame of keeping justice fair. This is necessary, to maintain what we want and need as a civilized society. While protecting the individuals or parties their innocents they must prove the guilty is guilty. Prosecutors can do this by taking a fair chance of embarrassing the individuals just to find the truth, as long as personal feelings do not interfere. Where with the defense attorney, are the ones that protect our rights when we have been accused of an action? They make sure that the legal rights are fair so that the client is not prosecuted unjustly or even
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Unformatted text preview: falsely tried. Defense attorneys are not well trained for the all the verities of cases that must be heard. When a case is failed, the defense attorney takes the chance to open another door to set another date for another hearing or even send the guilty to the death sentence. Each lawyer, the prosecutor and the defense attorney does the same job within our society and that is to protect our people whether they are innocent or guilty. The individuals give our protectors in the courtroom an opportunity to fight for our rights. Without the prosecutor and the defense attorneys, our rights could be demolished, for there would not be anyone there to defend for what they already know....
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