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Chops movie review eng 3 - of the band when they aren’t...

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Have you chopped? A wonderful documentary built on determination and will power to be the best jazz band they can be. In Jacksonville FL. The Douglas Anderson High School has some of the most talented teenagers that I’ve ever seen in a band under the direction of Ace Martin, they are the most up spirited individuals they help each other and are like a family bonding and growing as the year moves on. This group of 13 year olds and up is practicing their little hearts out to try out for the Essentially Ellington High school jazz band competition. Even though all the good and strong players are freshman they still come together with the older kids and play jazz. To the Readers of the fortnightly when you watch Chops, prepare to be informed and slightly touched by these kids. Kids like Jamison the drummer he’s has so much will power and enthusiasm to be in the jazz band and to compete in the Essentially Ellington jazz competition. Jamison acts like the coach
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Unformatted text preview: of the band, when they aren’t getting the melody right he stops everyone and makes a speech. Jamison’s band members all cheer in to get the band to focus and concentrate and with help from their saxophone and clarinet player Owen they get everyone on the team to go a step higher and come together to make wonderful jazz music. With the direction of Ace Martin these talent teenagers apply and make it to the Essentially Ellington competition. That’s when they get help from a jazz legend Ron Carter, Mr. Carter helps mold the band and give them some style. One of my favorite parts is when Mr. Carter says to the band you need to put some “Stanky Wanky” in your soul. As funny as it sound it helped them move with the music and have umph that they didn’t have so much of before. I recommend every one of you fortnightly readers to go and see this movie and enjoy it as much as I have whether or not u take something from it is up to you....
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