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Nannette Brown 04-09-10 Eng 3, Denny May “The Idle Class” Could anyone really connect with “The Idle Class” with Charlie Chaplin, because I sure couldn’t? Defiantly not a movie I would show at NOVA in front of my peers. It was a nice comedy if you like classic slap stick comedy but there were plenty of parts that left me wondering what was going on. The Tramp played by Chaplin is a clumsy man who gets mistaken by the lonely wife for her husband which is also played by Chaplin. How the whole thing plays out show how the people from the era reacted during
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Unformatted text preview: those situations much different then now a days. The golf scene when he has no balls so when someone else hit that their ball and lands near Charlie he hit their ball and acts like its his. Many times he does this and gets other people in trouble but he still seems to play the sport. The romantic comedy that is The Idle Class is a good movie for the older generation to connect with but just not us here at NOVA....
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