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Nannette Brown, Jan 22, 2010 Nannette Brown my mother says it’s French but how can that be when majority of my family is southern. Columbus, Georgia exactly; around there a lot of people are named Natalie like my sister but no one is named Nannette and defiantly not spelled like that they always leave an “N” messing. My dad says he named me that so I could fit in with the family since everyone’s name starts with an “N” but I don’t think it fit me I rather use my middle name Annita now that’s southern; and even that is spelled differently they just had to add an extra “N”. What’s with my family and their need for the letter “N”? I looked up the meaning of my name for an essay in high school and I couldn’t find how it connected to France; but my teacher told me it was a play and Google said it had French background, so I guess I have French background somewhere. I honestly think it’s just a name and I really want to change it but hey how many Nannette’s do
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Unformatted text preview: you know because I don’t know any. I’m majoring in radiology and there are 72 credits to finish, my current goal is to pass my communication class and to grow as a writer. Learn some reading techniques are important to, but mostly find out this whole college experience thing. So I can hopefully pass all those 72 credit I have to take. I’m not all that good at joining my ideas to make it flow sometimes I just get lucky but I tend to ramble a lot, I do it when I talk and when I write so it’s kind of hard to control it. Hopefully I can achieve that this semester along with remembering what I read, in helping me write more proficiently. I know that I can write college level papers I just need to know how, I’m sure I can learn it this semester thanks to my instructor and “The Bedford Handbook”....
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