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September 28 - EXAM Ethnocentrism Emic vs. Etic Role of...

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September 28: Forest People of Central Africa (The BaMbuti, African Food Foragers) Video: Children of the Forest Ituri Rainforest Act of making oneself beautiful, pleases forest Mushrooms large part of diet Uses poison arrows to kill monkeys Killing elephants increases vegetation for other smaller game Sangu kills elephant Do not believe they will attain eternal life because they kill Cut off tip of trunk and tail to take away identity before they can consider it meat To cut up elephant, Pygmies and villagers work together Meat smoked to preserve and lighten it (takes several days)- loses ½ its weight
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Unformatted text preview: EXAM Ethnocentrism Emic vs. Etic Role of ethnographer o Adjust in field, process of fieldwork, Malinowski) Mbuti themselves o Subsistence techniques, social order (egalitarian), kinship, gender roles, world view, life crises, etc.) David Sapir and Benjamin Wharf Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis- language and our thought grooves are inextricably interwoven and are in a sense one in the same Paralanguage- extralinguistic noises that convey meaning Kinesics- movements, postures, facial expressions Proxemics- how different cultures use space...
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