September 23

September 23 - • Possible to interbreed • Homo sapiens...

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September 23: Language, Communication and Culture Autralopithecenes “Lucy” AL288-1 Australopithecus Afarensis Gracile/Robust o Gracile wins out over time; refined hands for making tools Osteo denta keratic Bone teeth horn Oldowan Homo Habilis Fire- Digestion, social interaction, movement to other climates Homo erectus Neanderthals- Occipital Taurus o Classic o Progressive: looks like modern homo sapiens
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Unformatted text preview: • Possible to interbreed • Homo sapiens- Mousterian tools • David Sapir and Benjamin Wharf • Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis- language and our thought grooves are inextricably interwoven and are in a sense one in the same • Paralanguage- extralinguistic noises that convey meaning • Kinesics- movements, postures, facial expressions • Proxemics- how different cultures use space...
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