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September 16 - • Religious ceremony—sacrifice chickens...

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September 16: Anthropological Fieldwork Film: Gurkha Country (Asian Pastoralists) Gurkha (Mughar) Nepal Pastoralists I. Gives basic data on other cultures o A. Descriptive (ethnographic) dimension Emic (folk) “insider’s views” Etic (analytic) “outsider’s views” o B. Comparative (Ethnological) Dimension II. Personal and Professional Development High valley Mughars more hard-pressed than low valley In exchange for hospitality, would teach children First, took census Plowing done in circles to symbolize full grain barrels Need research design Wedding ceremony
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Unformatted text preview: • Religious ceremony—sacrifice chickens to rocks tied with string to represent goddess • “Armchair anthropologists” • Bronislaw Malinowski o Trobriand Islands (near New Guinea/Australia) 1) Live with the people 2) Learn the language 3) Do participant observation- a method of fieldwork aimed at equal balance between actual participation in the community and objective observation of that community • Gender- cultural differences; elaborations and meanings assigned by cultures to the biological differentiation of the sexes...
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