September 14

September 14 - mountains o Secure locations defensively o...

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September 14: Introduction to the Abelam (New Guinea Horticulturalists) Fieldwork Abelam- Scaglion’s fieldwork o Horticultural people Functionalism Abelam o Yams- huge, some as big as 15 feet; prestige involved o Think yams are sentient beings (feel and know things) Yams don’t like fighting, sex Ideal vs Real Culture The Abelam: People of Papua New Guinea o Have artwork in the Met o Near different ecological areas Hunt- mountains Fish- river o Coconut trees good indication of settlement (they’ve been planted in
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Unformatted text preview: mountains) o Secure locations, defensively o Different houses with different purposes o Food storage houses and huge (tall) ceremonial houses o Barricades of houses are used to keep pigs out o Shells very prized o Shell rings made from clam shells are like money o Think they are related to birds; wear feathers o Don’t get along with neighbors o Slash and burn gardening o Use nets to catch pigs...
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