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September 7 - • Franz Boas father of American...

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September 7: Understanding Other Cultures Continued from August 31 4 main branches: o Cultural- the study of existing peoples o Physical/Biological o Archaeology o Anthropological Linguistics- Studies relationship between human language and behavior Broadest of all social sciences o Holism: an approach which combines a wide variety of topics in the study of human behavior Movie from September 2 Hyrax 400 nomadic hunter/gatherers ETHNOCENTRISM- the belief that our own patterns of behavior are the best, most natural, beautiful, right, or important
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Unformatted text preview: • Franz Boas: father of American anthropology o Historical Particularism- each culture has a different culture history and should be examined separately o Cultural Relativism- the idea that anthropologists should make no judgments or rankings of one culture over another • Hadza dependent on vegetable foods o Berries o Tubers • Estimated 2 hours a day looking for food • Richard Lee: studied the !kung o Average person ate 14 oz of meat a day and 1 ½ lbs of vegetable food o Mongongo nuts (50% of vegetable food)...
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