MC test - Audrey Talab Test 1 part 2 answers 9/29/10 1....

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Audrey Talab Test 1 part 2 answers 9/29/10 1. Pros: Allows the public to know who the candidates are Allows the public to be a part of the process The public might be more interested in political issues if they have knowledge of candidates Cons: Might invade the privacy of the individuals If a candidate is applying for another job, the public might think he is not loyal Might disclose too much information about the candidate Some people might be against changing this law because they feel that the public has a right to know who is applying for these public administrative positions. The public has the right to transparency and it is in the best interest of everyone involved to have a solid understanding of who is a candidate. I can understand that it might make some candidates look disloyal if they choose to “shop around” for other jobs, however, the public’s right to be informed is more important than a candidates personal reputation. In this article in particular, there are several examples offered against this law. One candidate, after having his name made public, had journalists show up at his house. Another tarnished his reputation by applying for other city official positions and having had his name made public. I think that the media should not get involved if applicants want to apply elsewhere because it is a person’s choice, however, this is not a reason to change the law. When a person applies for a public position, they should expect to be
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MC test - Audrey Talab Test 1 part 2 answers 9/29/10 1....

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