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Audrey Talab Basic Leads Assignment 1. Dan Rather is scheduled to speak at 7pm in the LBJ student center ballroom on Thursday as a part of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s annual Mass Communication week. 2. A San Marcos woman could have lost her life on Monday were it not for her Labrador puppy, who alerted the woman of a fire forming in her bedroom. 3. Federal agents arrested four people in El Paso on Monday after seizing
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Unformatted text preview: almost 11,000 pounds of marijuana from their 18-wheeler. 4. An elderly Wisconsin couple left over $1.6 million in estate to their friends and neighbors after their tragic death in a car accident in January. 5. A New Zealand man was arrested on Monday for his second driving while intoxicated offense; this time he was driving his lawn mower....
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