week_6_lab - #include using namespace std; class...

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Sheet1 Page 1 #include <iostream> using namespace std class Time { public: void setHour(int) void getMinute (int) int getHour() int getMinute() void printTime () Time () Time (int, int) private: int hour int minute } Time::Time() //default constructor sets the hour and minute to 0 { hour = 0 minute = 0 } Time::Time (int hr, int min) { hr = hour min = minute } void Time::setHour (int hr) { hr = hour } void Time::setMinute (int min) { min = minute else minute = 0 } int Time::getHour() { return hour } int Time::getMinute()
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Page 2 { return minute } void Time::printTime() { cout<<getHour()<<":"<<getMinute() } //Set Class date class date { public: void setMonth(int) void setDay(int) void setYear(int) int getMonth() int getDay() int getYear() void printDate() Date() Date (int, int, int) private: int month int day int year } Date::Date() { month = 1 day = 01 year = 2000 } Date::Date (int num, int dd, int yyy) { mmm = month dd = day yyy = year
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week_6_lab - #include using namespace std; class...

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