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Field Knowledge - promotions • You will be provided with...

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Field Knowledge MVR Bronze test measures the skills and help attain knowledge. Classmarker.com is used to help relay out promotional information, new information on DIRECTV. These helps measure and hold everyone accountable to ensure they know the correct material in their presentations to customers. Client Websites: www.directv.com www.bestbuy.com http://support.directv.com/app/home/search/1 Daily Conference Calls helps us enable to relay information quickly and solve problems amongst the whole market.
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Support from the Field But where is this information and how do I find it? You have multiple resources for learning: DirecTV.com The DirecTV website has volumes of information on the DirecTV product. Spend time at this website and become the DirecTV expert in your store! The DirecTV website is an excellent resource with FAQ’s on their products. DirecTV provides a sales guide produced about once a quarter that gives useful information about current
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Unformatted text preview: promotions. • You will be provided with the promotion book. Brochures of current promotions can be found in your Best Buy. Bestbuy.com is an excellent source. • Please spend time looking at the Best Buy website. • It introduces you to the brands and types of TV’s they sell. • It provides knowledge about their products Current promotions can be found there. DirecTV provides a specific website for questions about DirecTV and its products. • http://support.directv.com/app/home/search/1 Our daily conference calls provide practical knowledge and selling strategies. • Come to these calls with enthusiasm and genuine interest! • Bring constructive strategies that are working for you! • Be prepared to actively participate with your fellow reps! • You are only as good as what you confidently know and believe in yourself!...
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Field Knowledge - promotions • You will be provided with...

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