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EDS 375 chp 1 notes_Page_6

EDS 375 chp 1 notes_Page_6 - Major Legal matters 0 IDEA...

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Unformatted text preview: 1/15/2009 Major Legal matters 0 IDEA - origins in 1970's OADA — firstenaded 1990 INCLB - first enacted 2001 IDEA iongin: 1975: as PL 94442: Education for All Hanmcapped children Act #1990: Name changed to IDEA. Several updates since then. 1* mtg/ldeaed gov C Irdeualelm Disabilities EWM) AIA bNon-discriminatory treatment in; IrEmploymem tTranspoeron tPublic aooomedafions tame and local government bTeleoommunlcatlons *htlg'llwww‘adagov (Arum mum“ Ml) ...
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