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LIN 211 handout_Page_09

LIN 211 handout_Page_09 - RL p150 E5.7 Luisefio Plural...

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Unformatted text preview: RL p150: E5.7 Luisefio Plural Morpheme: l. [pewum] wife 7. [komajum] sons 2. [ki] house 8. [tuna] blanket 3. [tanom] blankets 9. [kupim] pipes 4. [pewumum] wives 10. [tukwutum] mountain lions 5. [kamaj] son 11. [kapi] pipe 6. [tukwut] mountain lion 12. [kim] houses 1. How many allomorphs of the plural morpheme are shown here? List them. 2. Describe the environment in which each allomorph appears. Which is the basic form? 3. Write the rule(s) that determine(s) which allomorph of this morpheme is used. What type of ru1e(s) is/are this? 4. Based on your analysis of the data, which of the following words is/are phonologically possible in Luisefio? [tunajm] from [tunaj] [fiwanum] from [fiwcm] [papum] from [papu] [timaum] from [timo] ...
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