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LIN 211 handout_Page_17

LIN 211 handout_Page_17 - Re—Transcriptions from Relevant...

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Unformatted text preview: Re—Transcriptions from Relevant Linguistics p74-82 133.4 (pp77-78) Determining Distribution: [ejalapjel] election Uokjol] fraud [CBEZIIICI] chad '1 :\ [Jolaben] to bang [kazeku] to vote [kazeki] to count / _/;. d J" 2/ \ \.\\ [(88301161] to cheat [Bogjol] to Whine [ejulubjei] butterfly " (x; K " Uagiol] ballot [kmzaki] to confine [Jalapen] handicap L I: [(33100] lawsuit [sagasel] court [snj‘unou] judge , ’ For each pair below, determine a) whether they are in overlapping or complementary distribution, b) if they are in overlapping distribution, the minimal pair that proves overlap, and c) if they are in complementary distribution, the aspect of environment in which they are complementary. [slandm win/m”; [j]and[d_r,] 8. (am/'}/’~rn 'tv 7/», (”a m-AWIIOn-t'f) a_ b- dec b. C. r" f'. " — -' [5) LE‘J” C. ‘fn—t ”Mu: f, l I!) $”>-r l~-”I'v..,»'r [p] and [b] [2] and [3,] 3‘ DU" I‘f/ll.—\;) a. b. Er, .13) (1] 4.4, 22"" jvb: .‘J J" b. c. n”: c. [I] and [I] [k] and [g] a. (Univ/l "" " l a' b_ ll-r'C . b. - (in: (S 4“" C c FJjw/uw‘ '* I ) / ’é ( r c [u] and [I] m and [9] 8 0V ‘llv’yl \ a bllxazrtwj Ml [Mug] b ...
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