Environ- Climate Change - Climate Change 11/16/10...

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Climate Change 11/16/10 Difference between weather and climate: Weather= is current or short term physical conditions in atmosphere, (always have fluctuations in weather- warmer and colder days) Climate= long term pattern of weather (over history, climate has shown major alterations as conditions change) Take overall precipitation, weather patterns and get different climates (Midwestern climate vs Tropical Climate) Weather: -there is an energy balance in the atmosphere (whatever solar energy is coming in has to go somewhere) -Rotations and Coriolis effect causes prevailing winds- the earth is constantly rotating, it spins into the weather -Convection currents=hot air rises, cold air sinks: temperatures over land tend to be higher than temperatures over water- warm air that goes over cooler surfaces (oceans) falls, and warmer air over land rises = jet streams (has strong upper flow) Climate Cycles: -Milankovitch- 100,000 year due to orbit, 40,000 year due to tilt of earth -Results in ice ages and warming periods (major ice ages affect glacier and sea level) (minor ice ages influence crop failure, migratory patterns disrupted, settlements change- in Africa- people settle above the “mosquito line” to avoid malaria– as temperatures rises the mosquito line rises so people have to move higher) (there may be rapid changes – 1 C from Mount Pinatubo in 1991- Ash from volcano rises into air and keeps cooler air in- caused overall cooling) Human Caused Climate Change: -Our average global temperature is expected to increase 1.4-5.8 degrees Celsius in the next century
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Environ- Climate Change - Climate Change 11/16/10...

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