Anthro- 11-23 - Anthropology Discussion The Arts forms of...

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Anthropology Discussion 11/23/10 The Arts- forms of creative expression that give personal satisfaction Expressive culture: all the manisfestations of human creativity grouped under the term “the arts” Arts as symbolic Art expresses cultural values, attitudes, and transmits messages Laura Bohannan- wrote an article called “Shakespeare in the Bush” – the account of her experience of telling the story of Hamlet to the story of Tiv, Nigeria where she did her fieldwork. Storytelling is an artform that is elevated to great importance in many traditions. Very powerful among the Tiv. The elders are relied upon to interpret the symbolism. Ethnomusicology: comparitive study of music as an aspect of culture -we are taught different musical traditions (some cultures have 3 harmonies) -when we hear a minor chord it evokes a particular kind of reaction- something mournful, sinister -smooth connected notes feal very different from short choppy notes -music in videos is very important- can make character and scene appear in a certain kind of way. We will react more to what we hear than what we say. If we are seeing something terrible but hearing something sweet, we will interpret the scene differently.
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Anthro- 11-23 - Anthropology Discussion The Arts forms of...

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