Anthro- 11-30 - Anthro Lecture Notes 11/30 Religion: Belief...

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Religion: Belief and ritual concerned with supernatural beings, powers, and forces Religion is a cultural universal Core functions: -Intellectual/Cognitive Function -Search for order and meaning Science and Religion Religion serves emotional functions -it provides an explanation for misfortune: In times of trouble people often look to religion it often works most powerfully for things that seem unfair (when bad things happen to good people) sometimes the most accessible and most adaptive- when causality is not obvious they turn to religion for some groups it is often more important to explain bad fortune than to explain good fortune -religion can also provide comfort in times of distress -religion allays fears and reduces anxiety -religion helps when ppl feel they lack control rituals are performed to call on supernatural beings who are unpredictable and who are also crucial to survival Magic: one of the most widespread forces used to control natural forces supernatural techniques used to accomplish specific goals employed most in situations of greatest uncertainty in trobriand islands: magic Mana: Sacred Impersonal Force. Kotak said: Similar to our concept of luck -can be found in objects which then become a sort of a lucky charm. Ex) Melanesians - refer to rocks as having mana and making sweet potatos grow Religion can serve important social functions: -Maintains social order religious behaviors about right and rong
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Anthro- 11-30 - Anthro Lecture Notes 11/30 Religion: Belief...

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