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Anthro 12/2/10 Medical Anthropology: The application of anthropological theories and methods to questions of health, illness, medicine, and healing (coining and spooning looks like abuse but its actually a cultural healing tradition) 4 Historical Influences: -Biological Anthropology Biological Perspectve: Biological and Ecological Aspects of health in their social settings -Early Ethnographic Fieldwork -Culture and Personality School “National Character” Every culture has a basic refuted personality Cross-Cultural Studies of Mental Illness -International Public Health Movement After WWII Boiling water before you drink it (still put it in dirty containers) Program to eradicate flies -Things medical Anthropology examines: Ecological/Evolutionary Perspective Political Economy of Health -Power and inequality in health care systems, -Poverty, Discrimination, and Violence contribute to health Applied Medical Anthropology -Policy and Planning
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Unformatted text preview: -Clinical Consulting-Training Medical Personnel • Meaning-Centered/Interpretive -cultural construction, interpretation-body and its meanings-illness beliefs and behaviors • Illness & Health are cultural constructions • a medical system= explanatory-theory of disease-system of caring/curing-medicine-“what makes miserable happen?how do we get rid of it? Universal features of medical systems: • medical systems are integral parts of culture-beliefs about illness and healing reflect world view-scary movie-cancer/aids action: heart attack (not scary) • Illness is culturally defined and constructed • Medical systems have multiple functions • All Medical Systems have both prevention and curative sides medical anthropology and biotechnology ex) ultra sounds-mothers feel closer to their babyies after seeing the ultra sounds (even though its unnecessary- it’s a cultural tradition)...
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anthro- 12-2 - -Clinical Consulting-Training Medical...

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