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Anthro 12/2/10 Medical Anthropology: The application of anthropological theories and methods to questions of health, illness, medicine, and healing (coining and spooning looks like abuse but its actually a cultural healing tradition) 4 Historical Influences: -Biological Anthropology Biological Perspectve: Biological and Ecological Aspects of health in their social settings -Early Ethnographic Fieldwork -Culture and Personality School “National Character” Every culture has a basic refuted personality Cross-Cultural Studies of Mental Illness -International Public Health Movement After WWII Boiling water before you drink it (still put it in dirty containers) Program to eradicate flies -Things medical Anthropology examines: Ecological/Evolutionary Perspective Political Economy of Health -Power and inequality in health care systems, -Poverty, Discrimination, and Violence contribute to health Applied Medical Anthropology -Policy and Planning
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Unformatted text preview: -Clinical Consulting-Training Medical Personnel Meaning-Centered/Interpretive -cultural construction, interpretation-body and its meanings-illness beliefs and behaviors Illness & Health are cultural constructions a medical system= explanatory-theory of disease-system of caring/curing-medicine-what makes miserable happen?how do we get rid of it? Universal features of medical systems: medical systems are integral parts of culture-beliefs about illness and healing reflect world view-scary movie-cancer/aids action: heart attack (not scary) Illness is culturally defined and constructed Medical systems have multiple functions All Medical Systems have both prevention and curative sides medical anthropology and biotechnology ex) ultra sounds-mothers feel closer to their babyies after seeing the ultra sounds (even though its unnecessary- its a cultural tradition)...
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anthro- 12-2 - -Clinical Consulting-Training Medical...

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