Womens- 1-10- power and privelege

Womens- 1-10- power and privelege - POWER AND PRIVELEGE...

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POWER AND PRIVELEGE Critical Theorists and Power Radical-critical approach Example from Organizational Communication: O “deep structures” produce and reproduce relationships between individuals and within larger systems (systems often overlap) O Question: How can we understand power? How do social, economic, and communicative relationships produce and maintain power relationships? “At the risk of oversimplifying. .. critical theorists tend to agree on the following:” --Katherine Miller OCertain societal structures/processes lead to fundamental imbalances of power- we don’t all have the same amount of power OSuch imbalances of power that can be tracked over time- may fluctuate- lead to alienation and oppression for certain social classes and/or groups ORole of critical theorists: explore, uncover these power imbalances, make them visible O this leads to ultimate goal of emancipation- to free or liberate someone from bondage and oppression The “Power” Problem: Foucault Ideas have histories Subjects are constructed by discourses that limit what can be imagined and articulated Social construction of subjects is a form of “biopower” power is everywhere? Discourses- ex) legal discourse - a whole system of words ideas connotations that go with that particular thing
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- a form of organizing knowledge, ideas that is rooted in language and its concrete context Michel Foucault (1926-1984) - wrote works on the science of sexuality
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Womens- 1-10- power and privelege - POWER AND PRIVELEGE...

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