Womens- 1-19- intersectionality

Womens- 1-19- intersectionality - Intersectionality...

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Unformatted text preview: Intersectionality: Differences Among Women 1/19/11 Case Study: Princess Ideal- images of these beautiful disney princesses- painful for young girls who can’t look like them Theoretical concept (TOOL) History of this concept 4 questions to ask Intersectionality: An integrative perspective that emphasizes the intersection of several attributes, for example, race, class and nation. (Kirk & Ozawa-Rey, 2004) How these attributes are combined influences the experiences nDeveloped by women of color nAlso very useful to understand other marginal groups (e.g. women with disabilities) nCan be used to understand any group because we all have multiple identities (belong to multiple social categories) nMetaphor: Chemical Reaction Think of it like: Substance A and Substance B, when combined form Substance C. When react with Substance D, have a different outcome then when Substance A and Substance B react with Substance D. You can never get substance C back into A and B, can’t distill it out. Intersectionality is a TOOL: INTEGRATED APPROACH: Intersectionality is an integrated theoretical approach to understanding oppression MULTIPLE OPPRESSIONS: Intersectionality identifies and analyzes multiple forms of discrimination simultaneously (gender/race/ class). STRUCTURAL INEQUALITY: Intersectionality refers to the interaction of two or more forms of discrimination, that compound to form multiple discriminations that manifest as structural inequalities among women. WOMEN OF COLOR: Intersectionality identifies marginalized women as experiencing multiple forms of visible, and not so visible, interacting discriminations. Combahee River Collective Statement We...find it difficult to separate race from class from sex oppression because in our lives they are most often experienced simultaneously....
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Womens- 1-19- intersectionality - Intersectionality...

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