Lect 7 graphic - Emotions & thoughts in Romantic poems

Lect 7 graphic - Emotions & thoughts in Romantic...

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Emotions and thoughts in Romantic poems Secularized religion - apocalypse of the mind, new heaven and new earth, redemption in nature. Sublime – awe, reverence, bordering on terror. Inspiration – divine muse speaks through the poet prophet Freshness of perception – seeing things through fresh eyes Oneness with infinite and immortal – romantic triad Melancholy – “a thoughtful or gentle sadness,” often expressed as nostalgia for times past, for lost or dulled powers of imagination Imagination – imagination is not merely an artistic power, it “half-creates” what is perceives, depending on the thoughts and emotions of the viewer.
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Unformatted text preview: Cycles of time/ stages of life: each time in life has its own pleasures, rewards, and losses. A persons relationship to nature, the divine, and self change in these different periods. The stages of human life echo larger cycles in nature and in society. Glorification of childhood as an innocent yet highly aware state, close to our divine origins Experience leads to wisdom suffering is not in vain: it leads to greater understanding of human nature and a more universal perspective. Recollection remembering past events from a vantage point of greater maturity....
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