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Lect 7 graphic - Emotions & thoughts in Romantic poems

Lect 7 graphic - Emotions & thoughts in Romantic...

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Emotions and thoughts in Romantic poems Secularized religion - apocalypse of the mind, new heaven and new earth, redemption in nature. Sublime – awe, reverence, bordering on terror. Inspiration – divine muse speaks through the poet prophet Freshness of perception – seeing things through fresh eyes Oneness with infinite and immortal – romantic triad Melancholy – “a thoughtful or gentle sadness,” often expressed as nostalgia for times past, for lost or dulled powers of imagination Imagination – imagination is not merely an artistic power, it “half-creates” what is perceives, depending on the thoughts and emotions of the viewer.
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Unformatted text preview: • Cycles of time/ stages of life: each time in life has its own pleasures, rewards, and losses. A person’s relationship to nature, the divine, and self change in these different periods. The stages of human life echo larger cycles in nature and in society. • Glorification of childhood as an innocent yet highly aware state, close to our divine origins • Experience leads to wisdom – suffering is not in vain: it leads to greater understanding of human nature and a more universal perspective. • Recollection – remembering past events from a vantage point of greater maturity....
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