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Game, The (1997) movie script - Screenplays for You - Bing...

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Unformatted text preview: Bing is not responsible for the content of this page. You have reached the cached page for Below is a snapshot of the Web page as it appeared on 1/24/2011 (the last time our crawler visited it). This is the version of the page that was used for ranking your search results. The page may have changed since we last cached it. To see what might have changed (without the highlights), go to the current page . You searched for: scripts from movie The Game We have highlighted matching words that appear in the page below. Screenplays for You- free movie scripts and screenplays About Links Screenplays and movie scripts organized alphabetically: # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z PDF Game, The (1997) movie script by John Brancato and Michael Ferris and Larry Gross and Andrew Kevin Walker. Draft script. 2/8/96. More info about this movie on EXT. MANSION -- DAY -- HOME MOVIES A stately mansion. A perfect lawn. A BUTLER carries a birthday cake with sparking sparklers... Past wealthy MEN in crewcuts and thin ties, WOMEN in cat-eye sunglasses. Everyone sings (silent) "Happy Birthday"... CHILDREN follow the cake, in dresses and suits, gathering round NICHOLAS VAN ORTON, 7, guest of honor, who wears a blindfold. MOTHER comes to remove the blindfold and Nicholas ogles the cake, laughs. He reaches for a sparkler. STEP PRINT: Mother intercepts, fussing, fixing his hair... Nicholas' FATHER sits near, smoking, nodding. He's intense, thin, wearing a party hat. He notcies the camera without mugging for it, bends to snuff his cigarette in an ashtray. SPLICE-JUMP TO/STEP PRINT: a Harlequin CLOWN ties balloon animals. Nicholas assists, distracted by the inattentive children who look into the camera and pull hair and stand on their chairs... Men are drinking, storytelling, laughing. A fraternity... The women are elsewhere, doing movie-vamp poses for the camera, blowing cigarette smoke, brightly dressed, eyelids blue and green, lipstick perfect... Servants clear the table. Father holds a piece of untouched cake. A man talks to him, but Father stares off, lost in thought. He's forgotten the party hat on his head... STEP PRINT: Mother puts her arms around Father and makes him face the camera. He leans in, posing dutifully. SPLICE-JUMP TO: a nanny in uniform, ILSA, holds an INFANT (CONRAD) to the camera, places the baby in Nicholas' arms. STEP PRINT: Nicholas is gentle, overwhelmed by cradling his tiny brother. SPLICE-JUMP TO: children play tag. Across the lawn, Father heads to the house. He looks back, walks backwards. STEP PRINT: he gives a small wave, continuing away... Kids chase past. Nicholas and two other kids huddle, arms locked, spinning round and round, till they stumble different directions, falling, laughing, dizzy......
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Game, The (1997) movie script - Screenplays for You - Bing...

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