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Executive Summary Article “Adding Realism to the Formation, Management and Evaluation of Project Teams” by Donna McCloskey 1. INTRODUCTION The ability to effectively work in teams is critical for MIS professionals. Requiring students to complete academic work in teams in the upper level MIS courses develops this skill. In my systems analysis and design course students work on a group project that accounts for 45% of their grade. The formation and management of these teams has always been problematic for me. Allowing students to form their own project groups frequently resulted in homogeneous groups (all the accounting students, all the international students, etc.). This homogeneity was frequently a stumbling block in completing the systems analysis and design course work because there was not a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and skills. To combat this problem, I used to attempt to create the project teams. I would begin by distributing a questionnaire that contained basic background information, including major and courses completed as well as some questions on availability for meeting with group members. From this information, I would try to create groups that were diverse but that were feasible, in that the team members had times when they could meet. The students were frequently dissatisfied with the groups that were formed. This became a scapegoat because any group problems could be "blamed" on the professor since she had formed the groups and "stuck" them with an under performing group member. After several semesters of less
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Fall Executive Summary Article - Executive Summary Article...

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