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Fall Individual Presentation

Fall Individual Presentation - SOM 301 Individual...

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SOM 301 Individual Presentation Assignment Due: Week of October 4 Grading: Up to 3 Drafts/Preparation points Objective: To practice presentation skills Purpose: To inform Audience: Peers, colleagues Format: Oral presentation SafeAssign: No Giving presentations is a critical skill in today’s business environment. Effective execution of a presentation is just as important as the development of the presentation. A lack of “show and tell” ability could jeopardize a sale, a promotion, or even a career. Despite its importance, many individuals have a distinct fear of public speaking and will purposely avoid giving presentations. It has been shown that by practicing and rehearsing public speaking skills, a person can reduce anxieties while increasing competency levels. Practice Presentation Workshop 1. Required Homework: Read the articles found at the end of this document. You may then wish to conduct additional research on the use of technology in academic environments. 2. Prepare a two minute presentation to be made to the class. Your presentation is not a summary of the articles/research. Instead, your presentation will discuss how you believe technology should reasonably influence academic environments and/or the consequences of its unreasonable influence . In your presentation, consider some of the following: What is this issue or how is the situation unfolding? How is it changing or impacting individuals/organizations? Why is this coming about? What is happening? Is it positive or negative? When did this occur? Suddenly or gradually? Where is this occurring? What does this mean for the future of the individuals/organizations? What recommendations/impressions do you have regarding this situation or issue? 3. Create an outline for your presentation on note cards. For workshop purposes, clearly break your speech into three separate sections: 1. An opening – a means to get the audience’s attention and an overview of the topic or issue, 2. A body – a concise yet thorough description of the key concepts, and 3. A closing – a means to recap or retell what you have just told the audience. Audience: The presentation should be written for a general audience consisting of fellow students in a semi-formal setting. The presentation should be in general terms and be concise, communicating the full intent of the issue in as few words as possible. You should clearly introduce yourself and your topic, transition to the body, and then appropriately conclude and close your presentation.
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4. In-class Presentation Workshop Be prepared to give your presentation in lab the week of October 4. You will need to have created note cards with short bullets/notes as a written aid for the presentation. The note cards may be collected by your lab instructor as part of the awarding of Drafts/Preparation credit.
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Fall Individual Presentation - SOM 301 Individual...

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