Fall Resume 2

Fall Resume 2 - SOM 301 LAB RESUME 2 In lab week of...

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SOM 301 LAB – RESUME 2 Due dates: In lab week of November 29; you must also resubmit Resume 1 with rubric and instructor's original comments in order to receive credit Points: Worth up to 50 points* Objective: To develop an error-free resume Purpose: To inform, persuade, and record Format: Professional resume Audience: Potential employer; formal SafeAssign: Yes; submission is required. Failure to submit to SafeAssign by the start of lab will result in a grade of zero. NOTE:Do not include the name, lab section number, and due date header on this assignment. Assignment Scenario In the Washington Post , you find the following job ad: Net Social is a new and exciting social networking website and we're looking for interns to join our team in all departments! We are a young company and are seeking bright and talented students of all business disciplines. While the internship positions are unpaid, we can provide you with a fun and friendly working environment, exposure to the inner workings of one of the newest Web 2.0 companies, and potential opportunities for full-
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Fall Resume 2 - SOM 301 LAB RESUME 2 In lab week of...

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