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Updated mybcommlab.com Information - cut-off time. 6. NOTE:...

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Important information about your Exercise responses: 1. Your responses for Exercises 2-4 should be 200-300 words. a. Submissions that are fewer than 200 words will receive an automatic grade of zero. b. Submissions that are more than 300 words may receive a grade penalty. The penalty would depend on the overall quality of the submission. 2. Your response for Exercise 5 simply requires you to rewrite each sentence. 3. You are welcome to write using the first person (I), and to give examples from your personal experience. 4. Use appropriate grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. 5. You may complete the Exercises at any point in the semester before the due date
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Unformatted text preview: cut-off time. 6. NOTE: The submission box shows each submission as being worth 1 point. This information is not accurate. Each submission will be worth up to 10 points toward your SOM 301 semester grade. 7. NOTE: You may see a grade of 0 in your gradebook immediately after submitting an Exercise response. This grade is not accurate, and please do not be alarmed if you see this score. Your lab professor will inform you when the grading of an Exercise is complete and the gradebook reflects accurate scores. As Pearson continues to upgrade its program, this technical glitch should hopefully be eliminated....
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