Assignment 2 Feedback

Assignment 2 Feedback - Assignment #2 Instructions: 1....

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment #2 Instructions: 1. Please type your answers to each of the questions below. 2. Be sure to label your answers (e.g., 1.a., 1. b., etc.). 3. Refer to the grading rubric found on the following page of this document. 4. This assignment must be submitted to Safe Assign and a paper copy handed to your lab instructor at the beginning of lab the week it is due. Parts 1 & 2: Feedback (Module 7) (15 points) 1. Imagine you are a manager giving feedback the two employees described below. Explain specifically what you would say to each of them using the techniques discussed in the lecture on Feedback. a. The first employee, Kate, is one of your fastest and most capable accountants; however, she does not get along well with her coworkers, and you’ve recently received some customer service complaints about her. (5 points) b. The other, Ryan, is new and struggling to keep up with his assignments. He has been working late every night, but his performance is still well below where it should be. (5 points) 2. Based on the lecture on Feedback, suggest 2 negative reactions you might expect when giving feedback, and state how you would deal...
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Assignment 2 Feedback - Assignment #2 Instructions: 1....

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