Assignment 4 Conflict & Influence

Assignment 4 Conflict & Influence - Assignment#4...

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Assignment #4 Instructions: 1. Please type your answers to each of the questions below. 2. Be sure to label your answers (e.g., 1.a., 1. b., etc.). 3. Refer to the grading rubric found on the following page of this document. 4. This assignment must be submitted to Safe Assign and a paper copy handed to your lab instructor at the beginning of lab the week it is due. Part 1: Conflict (Module 10) Recall the five conflict handling strategies discussed in lecture and your book (e.g., compromising, avoiding, collaborating, accommodating/obliging, dominating/forcing.) For the following scenarios, identify the best and worst conflict management strategy and support your answer with a discussion of the situational considerations ( time constraints, importance of issue, relative power, importance of relationship) relevant to your choices for each scenario. ( 15 points; 5 points/scenario.) a. Two employees within a department refuse to collaborate on projects. You are their supervisor. b.
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Assignment 4 Conflict & Influence - Assignment#4...

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