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Case Paper Rubric - MGMT 301 Paper Grading Rubric Managing Ethics/Diversity(150 points Introduction(Identification of issue The importance of the

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MGMT 301: Paper Grading Rubric Name: Total Points: Managing Ethics/Diversity (150 points) Excellent Good Fair Poor Unsatisfactory Points Earned Introduction: (Identification of issue.) The importance of the chosen topic (ethics or diversity) as it relates to the organization’s success (competitive advantage) is clearly identified . An understanding of the organization is communicated and assumptions are described . [25] Demonstrates a thorough understanding of why chosen topic is important to achieve the organization’s objectives and sustain a competitive advantage. Appropriate assumptions are made. [25-23] Explanation for why topic is important could be more clear – vague in discussing relationship of topic to the organization. Assumptions made are clearly stated. [22-20] Importance of the topic is discussed but major aspects are missing (e.g., relation to competitive advantage) [19-16] Importance of chosen topic is not understood. Crucial parts missing. [15-10] Most or all required points are missing; does not demonstrate understanding of topic [9-0] Recommendations (2 total): (Problem solution.) Recommendations are unique , creative , practical, actionable , described in full detail ; a justification of why the recommendation would be useful is
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