MGMT 301 Case Paper

MGMT 301 Case Paper - MGMT 301 Fall 2010 Case Paper (150...

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MGMT 301 Fall 2010 Case Paper (150 points) Due: In lab the week of November 1 st , 2010 The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply concepts from this course by writing a clear and thoughtful report to an executive-level audience. Please choose EITHER the Durham Drums Diversity Case (see pg. 1) OR the Ellicott Eggs Case (see pg. 4). Detailed instructions for completing each case assignment are under SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS . Durham Drums Diversity Case You have been hired as a consultant to help Durham Drums improve the management of diversity within their organization and to foster better service for customers. Durham Drums is an international musical drum manufacturer. The company is well known for providing high-quality products and professional services. As such, they are priced higher than their competitors are. The chairman of Durham Drums, Donald Durham, regularly states that Durham Drums values all of their customers and strives to ensure that Durham provides the best quality product with comprehensive repair services for musicians. The chairman expects each of the company’s local sales centers to provide outstanding service, knowledgeable advice to potential buyers and prompt repairs. Recently, however, the customer service ratings provided by customers have shown disturbing trends. There are significant differences in complaints and negative evaluations by customers based on the geographic location the sales center is in. Durham Drums has been able to hire some women and minorities as sales and repair staff, but they have difficulty retaining them and, consequently, there are few senior-level women and minorities in strategic management roles, such as sales center managers. This difficulty is mirrored in the organization’s board of directors, which is made up of five white men, including the chairman, one African-American woman, Sharon Thompson (Chief Financial Officer), and, Jennifer Ling, who is of Korean descent and runs the marketing department. Though music is a universal language, the organization is facing problems at many of its sales centers and internally with the high level of minority turnover. The only diversity-related practice Durham Drums performs currently is to include different minorities in their orientation video and to provide their employment applications in English and Spanish. Durham needs your help! Based on your understanding of the readings, lecture, and the articles on e- reserves you are well-suited to provide specific recommendations that are actionable, reasonable, creative, and have measurable impact. (Please note that this is a fictional organization, any similarity to an actual organization is purely coincidental). Your paper must include the following sections:
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MGMT 301 Case Paper - MGMT 301 Fall 2010 Case Paper (150...

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