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MGMT 301 Syllabus - MGMT 301 People and Organizations Fall...

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MGMT 301 – People and Organizations Fall 2010 Course Syllabus and Schedule Professor: Dr. Paige Wolf Email: [email protected] Office: Enterprise Hall Rm. 027 Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:00-3:00pm and by appointment Lab Instructors: Each lab has one lab instructor. When necessary, please contact the lab instructor for the lab section in which you are enrolled; for Office Hours, Mailbox location, and Office Information see the course website. Instructor Email Instructor Email Sky Anderson [email protected] Tiffani Chen [email protected] Ruxandra Arustei [email protected] Gary Markin [email protected] Diego Velasquez [email protected] Course Website: Blackboard Note: Username and passwords are the same as your Mason email account. IMPORTANT NOTE: This course requires a minimum grade of C to satisfy SOM degree requirements, and students will not be permitted to make more than three attempts to achieve a C or higher in this course. Effective Fall 2010, registration in this course is prohibited beyond three attempts that resulted in a grade lower than C. If you have questions about this policy, please see an academic advisor in ENT 008. COURSE OBJECTIVES & FORMAT: This course will focus on organizational behavior (OB) which is a field of study aimed at predicting, explaining, understanding, and changing human behavior as it occurs in organizations. Students will learn about the individual, group, and organizational processes that influence human behavior in organizations. This course will cover traditional OB topics such as motivation and leadership. It will also highlight issues that are important for future business leaders to know and understand such as diversity, teamwork, and ethics. The School of Management undergraduate program goals that pertain to this course include: 1. Our students will be effective communicators. 2. Our students will recognize the importance of ethical decisions. 3. Our students will be knowledgeable about team dynamics and the characteristics of effective teams. 4. Our students will understand the value of diversity and the importance of managing diversity in the context of business. 5. Our students will be critical thinkers. Course Learning Objectives. At the end of this course students should be able to: MGMT 301: Syllabus and Course Schedule Fall 2010 Page 1
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Describe the importance of organizational culture, including the purpose and practice of managing diversity and ethics on achievement of organizational objectives. Explain the impact of individual differences and social perception on interpersonal relations and their affect on the workplace. Identify sources of power, influence, and conflict in an organization and determine effective influence tactics and conflict management approaches in given situations. Describe historical and contemporary leadership theories and models.
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MGMT 301 Syllabus - MGMT 301 People and Organizations Fall...

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