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Research Requirement

Research Requirement - RESEARCH REQUIREMENT(30 points 3 of...

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RESEARCH REQUIREMENT (30 points - 3% of grade) As scholars and educators in the School of Management, we should strive to add value to the knowledge of future managers. We do this by teaching principles and practices that are based in fact and supported by evidence – thereby stressing the importance of evidence-based practice in our teaching. This ensures that when new claims come along, managers will be better able to evaluate validity. To this end, students must learn the relevance of research to management practice. We believe this is accomplished through direct experience with academic management research. Students should be able to understand where research is used to inform practice, how research should be done, what research tells us about business issues, and why such systematic inquiry is useful above and beyond direct experience. Two Options for Research Credit: Option 1: Experiments. Sign-up and attend a one-hour experiment. Information and sign-ups for the experiments will be posted on the Experimetrix website.
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