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Potential FNAN 301 tutors – students who have performed well in the course Note 1: order of names is not associated with tutor quality and only reflects when student signed up for list Note 2: * indicates finance major Sahee Kim * [email protected] 703-472-0703 Matthew Harris * [email protected] 703-717-1502 Dennis Herndon * [email protected] 757-816-8267 Sean Amar * [email protected] 703-774-6192 Omkar Kuber * [email protected] 703-470-5667 Dale Hersey * [email protected] 757-871-8114 Yichi Xu * [email protected] 571-218-5004 Tae Jun Yun [email protected] Xiaoping Liu [email protected] 703-342-6837 Amirali Mojarrad * [email protected] 703-939-4588 Kathleen Lenig [email protected] Maria Canedo-Toledo [email protected], [email protected] 703-798-6795 Jung Ok Ahn [email protected] 703-919-2029 Danjing Shen * [email protected] 703-980-7239 Jason Bowles * [email protected] Jingyu Liu * [email protected] 703-980-5631 Karis Call [email protected] 703-507-6526 Angela Quinn [email protected] Sabina Mir Aliyeva
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Unformatted text preview: [email protected] 703-798-5870 Allyson O'Donoghue [email protected] Alem Medmim [email protected] 703-629-2080 Mohamed Abtio [email protected] 571-344-9040 Katherine (Kat) Binder [email protected] 703-955-0024 Rana Shtayyeh [email protected] 703-608-1110 Cynthia Fasulo * [email protected] Jason Yang Liu [email protected] 703-609-8561 Roslyn Hopkins [email protected] 609-744-3793 Xiaomu Su [email protected] Pamela Alandia [email protected] 703-909-4099 Truc Do [email protected] 703-380-7081 Yae Ri Kim [email protected] Elyor Tulyaganov * [email protected] 410-908-7454 Adisa Leslie * [email protected] 917-312-3085 Marie Jones [email protected] 703-967-3958 Alex Baraniewski * [email protected] [email protected] Hillah Kakar [email protected],[email protected] 571-286-8661 Dede Pitts [email protected] 703-867-6489 Kyle Martin [email protected] 703-507-1331 Courtney Johnson [email protected]
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