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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Team Assignment #7 (Due Nov 2) Instructions for In – Class Assignment # 7: In the space provided here, print or write legibly, develop a complete positioning map for your company/brand. Remember that a positioning map is a graphical representation of how customers in the marketplace perceive your brand. See pp. 265 – 268. Select the two primary reasons why people choose your brand (e.g., Ruby Tuesday) in the industry (e.g., restaurants). Also see In – Class # 2 for a reminder of why customers choose your brand. Are the reasons the same for all brands in the industry? Your positioning map will have two dimensions, with the ends of each dimension labeled with a descriptor that reflects why customers choose brands in the industry. Populate your map with a minimum of four competitors plus your brand by locating them along the two dimensions (choice reasons) your team selected. The actual location of the five brands will reflect “how much” of each “reason for choice” each brands possess as perceived by customers. Contact your teammates prior to the due date to discuss this assignment. Submit one report per team in class. Use your results in your Marketing Plan Template on pages 1, 3, 7 and 12. Team Approved Marketing Plan Topic Team Member’s Signature indicating present in class for today’s In-Class Assignment * Print Team Member Names * It is an Honor Code violation to sign for another student ...
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