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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Team Assignment #8 (Due Nov 9) Instructions for In – Class Assignment # 8: In the space provided here, print or write legibly, What three measures should be tracked to determine the success of the plan? Review In-Class Assignment #4 to recall what you thought was important to achieve for the brand. Remember, this assignment does not ask you go about measuring success (surveys, observations, internal company records). Rather, the question is how do you know you have reached your goal? Each measure must have a quantitative metric and a time horizon. Contact your teammates prior to the due date to discuss this assignment. Submit one report per team in class. Success Measure 1, including quantitative metric and time horizon: Success Measure 2, including quantitative metric and time horizon: Success Measure 3, including quantitative metric and time horizon: Insert your results into your Marketing Plan Template on page 11. Team Approved Marketing Plan Topic Team Member’s Signature indicating present in class for today’s In-Class Assignment * Print Team Member Names * It is an Honor Code violation to sign for another student ...
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