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MARKETING PLAN TEAM RATING SHEET Instructions: Rate all members of your marketing plan team (including yourself) on how well each person supported the team. In column 2, indicate the % of the overall team effort for the semester that was contributed by each member of the team. For example, if all three members contributed equally, enter 33% for each. For four members, enter 25%. For five, enter 20% for each. If a team member contributed more or less than average, indicate their contribution with a different number. Column two must add to 100%. Remember that if group evaluations show different levels of individual effort, they will be used to adjust group grades for the affected individuals. Therefore, rate everyone accurately.
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Unformatted text preview: TEAM NUMBER MARKETING PLAN NAME Characteristic Name % of Teams work for the Semester Contributes Ideas Listens to My Ideas Good Team Member Print Team Names Below Must Add to 100 % Agree Disagree Agree Disagree Agree Disagree Adds to 100 % Write comments here regarding any team member who you rated a 3 or less...
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