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Speaker: Matt White Company: White + Partners Date: November 22, 2010 Topic: Research/Target Markets Slide 1: Winning Together “Winning” – company vision “Jimmy” – company mascot Slide 2: Scene from Mad Men – “Tour of the (AD) Agency” “Mad Men” – a 1950’s termed coined to describe ad executives. Components of the agency: media, account management, creative (talent), and billing. Slide 3: White +Partner Founders Company started by Jim White in 1964. Slide 4: Advertising 1960’s versus Today Difference between advertising in the 1960’s black/white era and today: REACH In the 1960’s broadcast outlets were limited to ABC, NBC, and CBS and the two major publications were Life Magazine and Reader’s Digest. Today there are 100’s of publications, broadcast and internet outlets. The goal is to create advertising messages that entertain, messages that are shared and passed around. Also, in the 1960’s media was commissioned based. It is no longer an hourly basis payment. Slide 5: Media Landscape Media Landscape =Media Mix Message is in the middle with the various media surrounding.
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Goal is to choose media that will get people to pay attention to your advertising message without paying for it; get your message viral. TV commercials today are video assets (long form and short form) Slide 6: Targeting Strategy Targeting Strategy - Targeting is Key: day parts, demographics, geographic, platform……………
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Matt%20White%20Presentation%20Notes - Speaker Company Date...

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