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Meghan Hallaj November 10, 2010 Lab: 212 Persuasive Memo As you well know, business etiquette and communication skills are essential for the competitive environment. The students entering the workforce from SOM must possess these skills and present them with ease, as they are the most immediate representations of the program to the employers. I wish to convey a sense of urgency that SOM incorporates a mandatory workshop or course into its curriculum in order to address these two topics. This is the only way SOM will maintain a positive reputation in the local and global communities. Unfortunately, the urgency to suggest such changes to the curriculum was provoked by the actions of four recent SOM interns that work with us. As in the past with interns, I included them in a business luncheon meeting, knowing it would be advantageous to their real-world knowledge. However, I was shocked by the behavior these four presented, including texting throughout the meal, interrupting and correcting the client, making
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